31 May 2012

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen received several people for audiences.
Little surprised we didn't get a brooch with a known Australian connection here, since one of the gentlemen received by Her Majesty was John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia, who was being invested with the insignia of the Order of Merit.

Photo:WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Pearl Triangle Brooch

The Pearl Triangle Brooch
The Pearl Triangle Brooch, so named after Leslie Field's description of it as an "unusual long narrow diamond triangle", includes two large pearls and a yellow diamond (difficult to pick out in most appearances) set in an ornate vertical diamond frame.
The brooch has been seen periodically from the beginning years of the Queen's reign. Its provenance is unknown though as with many of the brooches she's worn this long, pegging it as an inheritance or a gift is always a valid guess.

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Photos: Getty Images/British Pathe

30 May 2012

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Luncheon

The Queen, Royal Colonel, was entertained to Luncheon at the Caledonian Club by The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.
A regimental brooch, of course! This one's clever - it almost looks like just a big ol' diamond brooch from a distance.

Photos:Getty Images

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Badge

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Badge
The Queen was named Royal Colonel of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on her 21st birthday in 1947, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. She carries on that association today.
For events with the battalion, she can be spotted wearing a brooch version of their badge, which features the regiment's insignia and name surrounded by a wreath of thistle.
The badge
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Photos: Getty Images/Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders/Wikipedia

29 May 2012

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh gave an Afternoon Party in the garden of Buckingham Palace, accompanied by other members of the Royal Family. 
 Ah yes, time for one of the traditional London outings of the London lily brooch. 

The City of London Lily Brooch

The City of London Lily Brooch
This brooch, in the form of a lily and grasses, was presented to the Queen by the City of London when she was given the Freedom of the City in 1947, just the third woman to receive the honor.
That was a prosperous year for the Queen's jewelry collection, as she received gifts for her 21st birthday and many more for her November wedding. In addition to this brooch, the Queen also received her other notable lily brooch that year: the Flame Lily. Decades later, she still wears them both; the City of London Lily made its most notable appearance at the Thanksgiving Service and luncheon held for the Golden Jubilee in 2002.

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Photos: EPA/Getty Images

24 May 2012

Queen Victoria's Journals On-Line Launch

The Queen received several new Ambassador and High Commissioner appointees prior to launching the Queen Victoria Journals On-Line Project at Buckingham Palace.
How does this not warrant an outing for one of Queen Victoria's bows? I'm shocked, shocked I say! It's a good thing I'm not a betting woman, I would've lost big here.

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23 May 2012

Celebration of the Arts

The Queen, along with other members of the Royal Family, attended a "Celebration of the Arts" Reception, jointly held by the Royal Academies of Art, Music, Dance and Dramatic Art at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Considering what others wore...this is the model of restraint.

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22 May 2012

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The Queen, along with other members of the Royal Family, gave an Afternoon Party in the garden of Buckingham Palace.
They made HM meet Katie Couric, poor love. I suppose Couric wasn't allowed to ask the tough questions, like where on earth Queenie got that brooch.

Photos:WPA Pool/Getty Images

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen received several people for audiences at Buckingham Palace.
 Probably the same brooch as the Garden Party, though we can't see it. One of those received by the Queen was David Hockney, who was presented with the Order of Merit.

Photos:Getty Images

The Diamond and Gold Rose Brooch

The Diamond and Gold Rose Brooch
This particular arrangement of diamonds spotted on the Queen's shoulder since at least 1967 doesn't have a known provenance, but it's a nice golden addition to Her Majesty's many floral brooches. Because of the lack of hard facts, I will stick to a purely generic name for it: the Diamond and Gold Rose Brooch.

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Photos: Getty Images/Corbis

21 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show

The Queen, Patron, Royal Horticultural Society, and The Duke of Edinburgh visited the Chelsea Flower Show in the Gardens of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
Pushing past the spider web stuck on her head (I know, it's hard), we've got the Jardine Star plus a brand new brooch alert! The Royal Horticultural Society has presented their patron with a new brooch to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Click here for more details.

Photos:WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Chelsea Iris Brooch

The Chelsea Iris Brooch
To commemorate her Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Horticultural Society presented their royal patron, Queen Elizabeth, with this specially commissioned brooch. Inspired by the flower representing the Chelsea Flower Show Week, the Iris Unguicularis, the brooch comes from designer Kristjan Eyjolfsson. It uses 100% recycled British white gold alongside a mix of conflict-free diamonds and other stones; in total, there is a single large yellow diamond in the center, 30 tourmalines, 20 amethysts, 15 diamonds, and 60 sapphires (one for each year of the Queen's reign). The cost of the brooch has been reported at £40,000.
The Queen is presented with her brooch
The brooch made its public debut at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show and became a regular selection for the event after that.

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Photo: Kristjan Eyjolfsson/PA Wire

19 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Armed Forces Parade and Muster

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended the Armed Forces Parade and Muster at Windsor Castle to commemorate Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. Members of the Royal Family and of Foreign Royal Families were also present.
She wore one of her mother's brooches, not that anyone was paying much attention with all the medals and flypast awesomeness happening.

18 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Sovereigns’ Luncheon

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh gave a Luncheon for Sovereign Monarchs at Windsor Castle to commemorate Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. Several other members of the Royal Family were in attendance.
One doesn’t want to be too flashy and show up all the other sovereigns; after all, one’s already rubbing it in their faces that they probably won’t make it to 60 years. Best just to stick to modestly giant pearls with the Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch.

17 May 2012

Visit to the North West, Day 2

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh continued the visit to the North West of England to mark Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee in Chester, Warrington, and Liverpool.
I hear those carriage rides are pretty bumpy, so the Yellow Duckmarine can't have been that bad of a ride...

16 May 2012

Visit to the North West, Day 1

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, with the Prince of Wales, commenced a visit to the North West to mark Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee in Lancashire.
 Feathers and froof and favorite brooches, oh my!

Photos:WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Queen Mother’s Shell Brooch

The Queen Mother's Shell Brooch
This brooch has made a sudden surge of appearances on the Queen in the last decade. And why wouldn’t it, really, the thing’s just lousy with diamonds. The Queen Mother’s Shell Brooch (official name: the Courtauld Thomson Scallop-Shell Brooch) is, unsurprisingly, another gem out of the late Queen Mother’s jewel box that has found a new home amongst the Queen’s trinkets. It takes the shape of a shell made of solid rows of diamonds with a single pearl cradled at the base and strings of diamonds of varying lengths suspended underneath.
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
It was designed by Lord Courtauld-Thomson and was made in 1919. It was left to Queen Elizabeth, the future Queen Mother, in 1944 by his sister, Winifred Hope Thomson. The Queen Mother wore it often; most notably, she wore it during her 100th birthday celebrations.
Queen Elizabeth II
From all the jewels the Queen inherited when her mother passed away in 2002, this is one that has made it into regular rotation. It’s had several memorable outings, including the unveiling of the Queen Mother’s statue, Zara Phillips’ wedding, and the 60th anniversary of King George VI’s death. It seems to be not just a tribute to her mother, but something she actually likes.

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Photos: Rex/Getty Images/BBC

15 May 2012

Visit to South London

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the boroughs of Bromley, Merton, and Richmond.
 This is the Pearl Trefoil Brooch, not that you can tell on this outfit and not that you're looking when she's topped it with that hat.

Photos:WPA Pool/Getty Images

13 May 2012

Windsor Horse Show Diamond Jubilee Pageant

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family, took the salute at the Diamond Jubilee Pageant at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
Now, this is a fascinating brooch choice. The Coral Rose Brooch is not seen very often at all, but it makes a striking complement to the golden peach of her outfit with all the red and the lighting in the venue. Also note we have a longer version of her traditional triple strand of pearls, and earrings from Queen Alexandra.

Photos:Bauer Griffin/Getty Images

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Parure

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Parure
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales - son of Queen Victoria and the future King Edward VII - purchased a magnificent parure for his bride, Princess Alexandra of Denmark, as a gift for their 1863 wedding. The set from Garrard included a large diamond tiara plus a diamond and pearl necklace, set of earrings, and brooch. Alexandra wore the brooch, necklace, and earrings on their wedding day and she continued to wear the set for important occasions throughout her life. The tiara, popularly known as the "Rundell" Tiara, no longer exists (read more at Order of Splendor); the rest of the parure was split between royal ladies for a time but is now reunited in The Queen's collection.
The remaining pieces of the parure in The Queen's possession

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Brooch
Also known as Queen Alexandra's Triple Drop Brooch, this brooch has three large pearls set button-style in diamonds and three pendants with diamonds and drop pearls. The center part of the brooch and the three pendants are detachable. Queen Mary inherited the brooch (as well as the necklace and earrings) and it was subsequently inherited by The Queen. The Queen wore it in 1972 and it didn't appear again until 2014.
Left to right: Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Earrings
Also known as Queen Alexandra's Cluster Earrings, these two button earrings have large pearls surrounded by diamonds - 10 larger stones each plus smaller filler stones to create a full diamond ring. Like the brooch, these passed to The Queen via Queen Mary. They're now worn primarily at evening functions.
Left to right: Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Alexandra's Wedding Necklace
The necklace features 8 pearls surrounded by diamonds, each connected with festoons of diamonds, and three detachable diamond and pearl drop pendants. Queen Mary gave the necklace to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and she wore it constantly. The necklace was finally reunited with the brooch and earrings when The Queen inherited it in 2002. It was next seen publicly when it was loaned to The Duchess of Cambridge for the Dutch state banquet in 2018.
L to R: Queen Alexandra (on her wedding day), Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

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1960: Wedding of Princess Margaret and The Earl of Snowdon (Necklace on The Queen Mother)
Various Years: State Opening of Parliament  
Various Years: The Garter Service (Earrings)
Various Years: Remembrance Events (Earrings)

Photos: Leslie Field/Corbis/Getty Images

The Coral Rose Brooch

The Coral Rose Brooch
Made by Cartier, this brooch includes two roses of coral. There's a diamond at the center of each rose, and two diamond petals off to the side. This is a French gift to the Queen, from the Order of the Liberation.
The gift was given in 1990 to mark the 50th anniversary of June 18, 1940 - the date on which Charles de Gaulle broadcast his famous Appeal of 18 June speech from London. On that same day, Winston Churchill also gave his "Finest Hour" speech. Appropriately, most of the few events this brooch has been worn for have had French connections, but it is not worn frequently.

13 May 2012: Windsor Horse Show Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Photos: Getty Images/Corbis

12 May 2012

Royal Windsor Horse Show

On May 11 and 12, the Queen paid private visits to the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
See? It's not black pumps all the time. Sometimes it's wellies.

Photos:Getty Images/PA

11 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Pageant Tea Party

The Queen hosted a tea party for the performers of the Windsor Horse Show Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle.
Look at all this swag for Liz: a new sombrero, and she got a hug from a child (to everyone's shock but her own) and a new bracelet to boot. The woven bead bracelet was given to her by Rose Kimanzi from the Kenyan delegation, and she popped it on (with Ms. Kimanzi's help) straight away.

And of course, her new bracelet!

Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

09 May 2012

State Opening of Parliament

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, traveled in State to the Palace of Westminster today to open the Session of Parliament.
State Opening of Parliament: the only time it's acceptable to heckle the Queen's peeps. She compensates with maximum day bling, as well she should.
One requires two separate head ornaments, naturally. One for doing the thing itself (the Imperial State Crown, above left and center), and one for the ride to and from (the George IV State Diadem, above right).
And then one needs enough diamonds and etc. to clang around just in case the crown's not enough of a LOOK AT ME signal. There's the diamond earrings and a lovely trinket of a necklace from one's father (above left), one of Queen Mary's bracelets and a diamond evening watch (above center), plus the Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter, just for a touch of medieval flair (above right).

George IV State Diadem
Imperial State Crown
Diamond Pendant Earrings
George VI Festoon Necklace
Queen Mary's Chain-Link Bracelet
Diamond Evening Watch
Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter

Photos:Getty Images/PA

Diamond Evening Watch

Diamond Evening Watch
The Queen’s formal evening attire often includes a bracelet of some variety on her right wrist and an evening watch on the left. She has several to pick from; her current favorite is this number with two rows of diamonds separated by individual diamonds and a face in a diamond frame.

19 April 2018: CHOGM Dinner 
8 March 2018: Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Dinner
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28 September 2012: Australian Diamond Jubilee Portrait
9 May 2012: State Opening of Parliament
7 March 2012: Order of the British Empire Service
17 February 2012: New Zealand Diamond Jubilee Portrait
6 February 2012: Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait
2011: State Visit from Turkey, State Banquet 
2011: Visit to Australia 
2011: State Visit to Ireland, State Dinner
2010: State Visit to the UAE and Oman 
2010: Visit to Canada  

Photo: Royal Collection 

Queen Mary’s Chain-Link Bracelets

Queen Mary's Chain-Link Bracelet (1 of 2)
The Queen’s collection of diamond bracelets includes a set of two matching bracelets composed of chain links between diamond plaques which came from Queen Mary’s stash. Mary bought the first from Garrard in 1932, and then had a matching one made three years later to hold a 9.75 carat diamond from the Premier Mines given to her during a visit to South Africa. The bracelets were made to join together to create a choker. They are nearly identical, one having a larger plaque for the South African diamond.
Left to Right: Queen Mary wearing both as a choker and then one as a bracelet, Queen Elizabeth II wearing one on her right wrist
The Queen inherited the bracelets from her grandmother in 1953, and she wears them regularly – though she does not use them in choker fashion. She generally wears only one, typically on her right wrist while her left holds an evening watch.

9 May 2012: State Opening of Parliament
17 February 2012: New Zealand Diamond Jubilee Portrait 
2011: State Visit from Turkey, State Banquet 
2010: Visit to Canada  
2006: Order of the Bath Service 
2005: State Visit from China
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