30 March 2012

Memorial Service for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, along with other members of the Royal Family, attended a Service of Thanksgiving in memory of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, which was held in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, followed by a Reception at Windsor Castle.
Her favorite of her mother’s favorites, what else could it have been?

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29 March 2012

Engagements in Greater London

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh undertook several engagements, including visits to Valentines Park and Mansion, Waltham Forest, and Harrow.
Sometimes people ask me if the Queen ever takes her coat off (yes, sometimes) and if so, what happens to the brooch - well, here you go: it usually gets transferred to the dress underneath. (Unless you've stumbled across a time when she's actually got two brooches on, that is.)

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27 March 2012

Receiving Loyal Addresses from Privileged Bodies

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, received loyal addresses from Privileged Bodies at Buckingham Palace in honor of her Diamond Jubilee.
This is just one of those gloriously old school (and by old school, I mean centuries old school) things that’s so unique to a monarchy like this: there are certain organizations – the ‘Privileged Bodies’ - that have long held the right to address Her Majesty and receive a response. They typically save their addresses for an important public occasion.

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23 March 2012

Visit to Manchester

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, visited Manchester as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.
You know...I'm all for hat variety, but I just don't know about this one.


The Gold Lace Work Brooch

Gold Lace Work Brooch
One of many wedding gifts received by Princess Elizabeth for her 1947 marriage to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, this gold brooch was given by the Jewelers and Silversmiths of Great Britain. It was described on the official wedding list as "a gold lace-work brooch set with diamonds and rubies," which is obviously where the name I'm using for the piece is pulled from.
As I suppose is appropriate for a gift given by an organization of jewelry craftsmen, this is an intricate brooch with plenty of fine detailing. It obviously appealed to the bride, as she still wears it regularly more than 60 years later.

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29 January 2012: Attending Church in Norfolk  
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20 March 2012

Diamond Jubilee Address to Parliament

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, received Addresses from both Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall in commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty was pleased to reply.
I wonder what Liz Uncensored really wanted to say to Parliament…

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15 March 2012

Re-Opening Kensington Palace

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, re-opened Kensington Palace State Apartments following an extensive renovation project.
I've been to the renovated palace, and I must say it's a big improvement on the old! The exhibits are extremely well done. Worth a look if you're around, most definitely.

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12 March 2012

Commonwealth Day Reception

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were present this evening at a Reception given by the Commonwealth Secretary-General at Marlborough House.
Saucy little skirt, no?

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Commonwealth Day Observance Service

The Queen, accompanied by other members of the Royal Family, attended the Commonwealth Day Observance Service in Westminster Abbey.
Odd that her lapel covers the brooch. She's usually more planned out than that.

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08 March 2012

Visit to Leicester

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cambridge, visited Leicester in the first of a series of visits across the country to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.
I love her expression during the fashion show. It's like halfway between a near LOL and a near eye roll.

07 March 2012

Order of the British Empire Service

The Queen, as Sovereign of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, with the Duke of Edinburgh, Grand Master, attended a Service of the Order at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Daytime tiaras: YES.

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The Collar, Badge, and Mantle of the Order of the British Empire

The Collar and Badge of the Order of the British Empire, worn over the Mantle
The Order of the British Empire is an order of chivalry founded in 1917 by King George V. The gold collar has plaques of the Royal Arms alternating with plaques of the Royal and Imperial Cypher of George V. Between these elements are gold cords with lions and crowns depicted. Suspended from the collar is the badge, a blue cross with a center showing King George and Queen Mary surrounded by the Order's motto, "For God and the Empire", in red. Click here to see the Queen's collar at the Royal Collection.
The Mantle
Both the collar and the badge are worn by The Queen at the service of the Order, held every four years at St. Paul's Cathedral. For this service, The Queen also wears the mantle, a robe of rose red satin lined with pearl gray silk taffeta with the Star of the Order on the left breast. There are gray cords with pink and gray tassels to close mantle, and the collar is suspended between two white shoulder bows. As Sovereign of the Order, The Queen's mantle is different, including a longer train.

In 2017, for the service of the Order coinciding with the Order's centenary, The Queen decided not to wear any of this regalia, and appeared in day dress only.

7 March 2012: Order of the British Empire Service

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Diamond Cluster Earrings

Diamond Cluster Earrings
Like much of the Queen's personal jewel collection, these diamond earrings are a bit of a mystery. Featuring  cluster of diamonds in a diamond surround, the Queen has worn these a few times for formal occasions.

3 March 2015: State Visit from Mexico, State Banquet 
7 March 2012: Order of the British Empire Service
2006: Order of the Bath Service 

06 March 2012

Theater Visit

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and grandson Peter Phillips with wife Autumn, paid a private visit to the theater to take in a play.
Night out with the grandkids, so cute.

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01 March 2012

Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon Opening

The Queen, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, visited Picadilly and opened the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason.
While the Queen wore a standard brooch for this St. David’s Day visit, the Duchess of Cornwall went officially Welsh with the leek badge of the Welsh Guards. And just to be fair, the Duchess of Cambridge also went the Welsh route, with a fresh daffodil instead of a proper brooch.

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March Investitures and Audiences

The Queen held several investitures and audiences in March.

Of course we assume there are multiple brooches here as well, despite not being able to see them in every case.

March 2: Investiture at Windsor Castle

Sapphire Chrysanthemum Brooch

 March 6: Audiences and presentation of the Queen's Medal for Poetry

 March 14: Investiture at Buckingham Palace.

March 22: Investiture at Buckingham Palace.

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