17 February 2012

New Zealand Diamond Jubilee Portrait

New Zealand's Diamond Jubilee portrait of the Queen has been released.
 A fringe fiesta! This is the first time we've seen Her Majesty pair the fringe tiara with a proper matching fringe necklace. The trouble with fringes is that there are multiples, and unless you start counting diamonds they can be hard to tell apart. In this case, the release accompanying these photos notes that the Queen is wearing the "historic Hanoverian Fringe Tiara and matching necklace", which they state was worn by the Queen on her wedding day. This is a common misconception. The Queen actually wore Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara on her wedding day, and that is what she's wearing here. I did count the diamonds (jewel nerd that I am), and I have to name the necklace as the City of London Fringe Necklace instead of a Hanoverian jewel.

Order of New Zealand, Sovereign's Insignia
Queen's Service Order
 New Zealand Order of Merit (Star, Riband, Badge)
Diamond Ring

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