29 February 2012

Jubilee Greenway Disc Unveiling and Somerset House Visit

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, unveiled a Jubilee Greenway disc outside Buckingham Palace. The royal couple later visited Somerset House.
Yeah…this is also on my list of un-favorite outfits in the current QEII rotation. Brown feather fireworks…nah.

Photo: PA

24 February 2012

Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education Presentation

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, presented the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education at Buckingham Palace, and gave a reception afterwards.
The very definition of royal purple. (And doesn't Anne look surprisingly chic in her red?)

17 February 2012

New Zealand Diamond Jubilee Portrait

New Zealand's Diamond Jubilee portrait of the Queen has been released.
 A fringe fiesta! This is the first time we've seen Her Majesty pair the fringe tiara with a proper matching fringe necklace. The trouble with fringes is that there are multiples, and unless you start counting diamonds they can be hard to tell apart. In this case, the release accompanying these photos notes that the Queen is wearing the "historic Hanoverian Fringe Tiara and matching necklace", which they state was worn by the Queen on her wedding day. This is a common misconception. The Queen actually wore Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara on her wedding day, and that is what she's wearing here. I did count the diamonds (jewel nerd that I am), and I have to name the necklace as the City of London Fringe Necklace instead of a Hanoverian jewel.

Order of New Zealand, Sovereign's Insignia
Queen's Service Order
 New Zealand Order of Merit (Star, Riband, Badge)
Diamond Ring

Photos:Royal Household

15 February 2012

Multi-Faith Reception

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a multi-faith reception at Lambeth Palace.
One of my very favorite outfits in the Queen's current wardrobe. So rich, and the Flower Basket Brooch looks exceptional on a red background.

Photo: Getty Images

14 February 2012

Charles Dickens Bicentennial Performance

The Queen, Patron, the Royal Theatrical Fund, and the Duke of Edinburgh were present at a performance to commemorate the Bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens at Guildhall.

Photo: PA

Charles Dickens Bicentennial Reception

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, accompanied by members of the Royal Family, gave a reception to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens at Buckingham Palace.
Delightful video look at the Pearl Triangle Brooch - subtle but sparkly.

06 February 2012

Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait

Official portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were released to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.
Standing in front of Queen Victoria, wearing jewels she wore: that’s the way to do your Diamond Jubilee portrait, I’d say.

Photos:Royal Collection

60th Accession Anniversary

The Queen marked the anniversary of her accession to the throne in King's Lynn, Norfolk, near the Sandringham Estate, visiting the Town Hall and Dersingham Infant and Nursery School.
Well, I think that takes the prize for Most Adorable Appearance of the Year.

Order of the Garter Star, Riband, and Lesser George

These pieces of insignia from the Most Noble Order of the Garter are worn for simpler occasions than other pieces such as the mantle or collar. Today, we see them most often at state banquets.

The Star
The Queen's Garter Star is set with diamonds and was a gift to her from her father, King George VI, in 1947 (when she was invested). It was originally a wedding gift to him from the Royal Navy. The star is worn on the left breast. Click here to see the star at the Royal Collection site.

The Riband
The distinctive blue riband is a 4 inch wide sash worn from the left shoulder to the right hip. Most orders of chivalry commonly seen today are worn the opposite direction; most we see today also have a thinner version for ladies, while the Garter does not.

The Lesser George
The badge worn suspended from the riband bow at the hip is called the Lesser George (in contrast to the Greater George worn suspended from the collar). It depicts St. George on horseback slaying a dragon. As with the star and the Greater George, the Lesser Georges can have different designs; the flamboyant George IV had 55 different badges at his death. The diamond-framed Lesser George shown above belonged to George IV, and was later a gift from Queen Victoria to Prince Albert (and was worn by her after his death). It is now worn by the Queen. Click here to see the badge at the Royal Collection site.

The Queen has worn at least one other Lesser George, a depiction in cameo and enamel which was also a wedding gift from the Royal Navy to George VI and subsequently a gift to Elizabeth on her investiture. Click here to see that badge at the Royal Collection site.

Other Featured Garter Insignia:
The Mantle and Bonnet
The Collar and Great George
The Garter 

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The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II 

Photos: The Royal Collection 

05 February 2012

Attending Church in Norfolk

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Divine Service at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at West Newton, Norfolk.
One of my least favorite hat shapes for Her Maj - but no doubt the Winter Queen through and through.

Frosted Sunflower Brooch

Photo: Getty Images

03 February 2012

Tree Planting at the Diamond Jubilee Wood

The Queen, accompanied by the Princess Royal, Patron, the Jubilee Woods Project, planted a commemorative tree at the site of the Diamond Jubilee Wood on Sandringham Estate.
The rare engagement when the weather obstructs us from seeing any sort of accessory. For shame, weather, for shame.

01 February 2012

Visit to RAF Marham

The Queen, Honorary Air Commodore, visited RAF Marham in Norfolk.
Can't see if we have a brooch or not, but I do like this coat!

Photo: Ministry of Defence

February Investitures and Audiences

The Queen held several investitures and audiences in February.

Of course we assume there are multiple brooches here as well, despite not being able to see them in every case.

February 10: Audiences at Buckingham Palace
Six Petal Diamond Flower Brooch

February 16: Investiture at Buckingham Palace
No brooch here, but plenty of gold buttons. (This is the dress that goes with the Queen's well-known purple and gold button coat.)

February 17: Audiences and Presentation of the Statues of the Abbey to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey
I can't make this one out, though it certainly does look intricate.

February 22: Investiture at Buckingham Palace

February 23: Audiences at Buckingham Palace
This looks in shape like the Cullinan V brooch, though it looks a little too small, scale-wise.

Photos:Bauer Griffin/PA