State visits and official visits - both incoming, in which a fellow head of state visits the United Kingdom, and outgoing, in which the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit another country - can be filled with interesting jewels. These are the visits that have been covered on the blog to date:

2015: State Visit to Germany

2015: State Visit from Mexico (Welcome Ceremony and State Banquet, Farewell)

2014: State Visit from Singapore (Welcome Ceremony, State Banquet)
2014: State Visit to France
2014: State Visit from Ireland (Welcome Ceremony and State Banquet, Reception, Farewell)
2014: Official Visit to Italy

2013: State Visit from South Korea (Welcome Ceremony, State Banquet, Farewell)
2013: State Visit from the UAE (Welcome and State Luncheon)

2012: State Visit from Indonesia (Welcome Ceremony, State Banquet, Farewell)
2012: State Visit from Kuwait (Welcome Ceremony, State Banquet, Farewell)

2011: State Visit from Turkey
2011: Visit to Australia 
2011: State Visit from the United States
2011: State Visit to Ireland 

2010: State Visit to the UAE and Oman
2010: State Visit from Qatar
2010: Visit to Canada and the United States 

2009: State Visit from India 
2009: State Visit from Mexico
2008: State Visit from France
2007: Official Visit to the Netherlands
2000: State Visit to Italy, Papal Audience

1998: State Visit from Japan 
1992: State Visit to Germany

1988: Official Visit to the Netherlands 
1983: State Visit to Sweden
1982: State Visit from the Netherlands
1980: State Visit to Vatican City  

1978: State Visit to Germany
1972: State Visit from Germany

1965: State Visit to Germany

1958: State Visit from Germany
1954: Visit to Australia
1953-54: Visit to New Zealand