23 May 2019

British Airways Centenary

The Queen visited the headquarters of British Airways at Heathrow Airport to mark the company's 100th anniversary.
Royal Family

Another day, another major company's major anniversary. With a brooch bonus for me: I was hoping for a second 2019 appearance of this turquoise brooch, and here we are!

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22 May 2019

Sainsbury's 150th Anniversary

The Queen visited a pop-up Sainsbury's store near one of the company's first locations to mark the 150th anniversary of the supermarket chain.
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In which Her Maj pops out to Sainsbury's and wonders whether you can cheat at the self-service checkout. Just like my trips to the grocery store. Minus the hat and the diamonds and the pearls, of course.

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21 May 2019

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The Queen, joined by other members of the Royal Family, held a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
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It's appearance #2 for the Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake Brooch! Given by Canada in 2017, we first saw it worn last year.

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I would not have expected a pairing with the shade of this Stewart Parvin coat, but I suspect the blues on the sapphires are more subtle in person than they are in the released photos of the brooch.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were present at today's garden party. The Duchess wore an Alexander McQueen outfit with a Juliette Botterill hat, another look which I guess is new but honestly feels like a repeat.

Royal Family 

For a nice touch of bling, she added Diana's Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings.

Royal Family

The Countess of Wessex opted for pink too, repeating an Emilia Wickstead dress and Jane Taylor hat from last year's Ascot. Also present for the garden party fun were the The Earl of Wessex, The Duke of York, The Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra of Kent, and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

20 May 2019

Chelsea Flower Show

The Queen and Members of the Royal Family visited the Chelsea Flower Show.
Royal Family

A flower brooch for the flower show, natch, worn on the outfit Her Maj debuted at the Sussex wedding a year ago.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

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The Queen met up with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a look at the garden Kate helped design. A flower dress for the flower show, natch - and a twin moment with an unexpected family member: The Duchess of Kent wore this Erdem dress to the Sussex wedding.

Royal Family

Among the other royals present was Princess Beatrice (who accompanied The Duke of York), attired in a sharp trench perfect for sharp pointing opportunities.

Royal Family

And The Countess of Wessex (with The Earl), whose repeated Suzannah dress is also perfect all your floral pointing needs.

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Not pointing but pretty in polka dots and pink, I'm throwing Princess Alexandra in here because some of you missed her at Lady Gabriella's wedding. (She was there, just not much photographed.) The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were also among today's royal attendees.

18 May 2019

The Wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston

The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, and other Members of The Royal Family attended the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Mr. Thomas Kingston at St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Royal Family Channel

Another family wedding at St. George's Chapel, yay!

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Starting with this site's leading lady: bright pink and one of her mother's brooches is about as trusty a combo as it gets for Her Maj, and this is no exception.

Now, the bride:

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From the Royal Family's press release:

Lady Gabriella’s wedding dress was a bespoke design by Luisa Beccaria. It was made of lace, embroidered with flowers and embellishments. Its blush shade came from layers of tulle and organdie beneath the lace, which created the body of the gown. The skirts fanned out into a long train. Her veil was made from layers of white tulle, together with embroidered flowers.

 The Bridesmaid and Pageboy outfits were also designed by Luisa Beccaria. Bridesmaids wore cream dresses with blush underlays and sashes, with flower rings in their hair to echo the bridal bouquet. Pageboys wore cream shirts and knickerbockers. Their shoes were by Papouelli.

Lady Gabriella wore a Russian Fringe style diamond tiara also worn by her grandmother, HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, and her mother, HRH Princess Michael of Kent, on their wedding days.

 Lady Gabriella’s bouquet featured a creamy ivory ‘Ella’ rose by David Austin, named for the bride, and myrtle, which has formed part of many Royal wedding bouquets in a tradition started by Queen Victoria. Other flowers incorporated included Juliet roses, Lily of the Valley and white and apricot sweet peas.

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The aforementioned Russian Fringe style diamond tiara is the Kent City of London Fringe Tiara, covered here at the other blog. (Some will say that the Royal Family has their information wrong and Princess Marina wore a different fringe tiara on her wedding day. That's the trouble with fringe tiaras - too many twin pieces!)

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Luisa Beccaria was a surprise designer choice to me; Lady Gabriella is usually dressed by the same designer for major royal events (previously, Catherine Walker; more recently, Claire Mischevani). You never have to convince me of the merits of a fringe tiara, but the sharp lines work as a nice contrast to the rest of this tremendously romantic bridal outfit. The overall effect gives me a strong flashback to the wedding ensemble worn by the bride's aunt, Princess Alexandra of Kent. Gabriella made a stunning bride.

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Also in romantic mode - if we assume that loads of feathers = romance - were the rest of the ladies in this branch of the Kent family. I'd lose at least half of the layered elements of Princess Michael's outfit. Lady Frederick Windsor, on the other hand, I find charmingly festive in her Catherine Walker coatdress and hat. (Much like her sister-in-law, Sophie tends to be designer-loyal for major events. Catherine Walker's serving her well of late.)

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Mustard and navy might be the opposite of charmingly festive, as color combos go. The Princess Royal dug straight into her usual repeats for this occasion.

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Speaking of digging into one's closet...The Duchess of Gloucester wore this headband for Trooping the Colour in 1984. I suppose we should just be glad she left the '80s hair in the decade it belonged.

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You never have to sell me on this shade of pink for a wedding guest, so Sarah, Duchess of York was an easy win for me. Updated and understated.

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Princess Beatrice was decidedly not understated in her mess of a navy dress. Let's have a do over without the criss crossy deal at the top and see how it goes next time, shall we?

These are not all the guests, but I'll leave you to further spotting. Happy royal wedding weekend!

13 May 2019

Royal Windsor Horse Show

May 8-12: The Queen attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Home Park, Windsor.

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The Royal Windsor Horse Show: lots of sightings of a jolly monarch in casual mode, and a few more dressed up occasions for us to take a look at.

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May 11: The Singapore Peranakan Diamond Jubilee Brooch was paired with some other Windsor Castle staples, the Pearl Stud Earrings and a Single Strand Pearl Necklace.

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May 12: Sometimes Her Maj ditches the pendant on the Round Cambridge Emerald Brooch when her outfit color leans toward the teal end of things, but - needless to say - I'm always happier when the pendant's in place.

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May 12: A sparkly jacket took the place of any brooch for the final pageant. The rest of her usual accessories were back in place on the last day.

08 May 2019

Meeting Baby Sussex

Chris Allerton/@sussexroyal

Here's a cute twist on our usual coverage of Her Maj's current events: The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh met their eighth great-grandchild, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, at Windsor Castle today! Awwwww. The royal social media accounts shared this sweet family picture with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and The Duchess' mother.

(Since this is the Jewel Vault, I shall note for you that The Queen is wearing her Pearl Stud Earrings and at least one strand of pearls - her usual "casual" uniform.)

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And the happy family, for good measure.

In other queening news, the Royal Windsor Horse Show is underway. We will have a round up some of The Queen's appearances at the end of the event.

07 May 2019

Order of Merit Luncheon

The Queen hosted a luncheon for members of the Order of Merit at Windsor Castle.
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Well, well, well, a rare sighting of The Duke of Edinburgh! He is not just accompanying The Queen here, of course; he is a member of the Order of Merit himself.

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The Centenary Rose is also making its first appearance in some time (last seen at Ascot 2018). I think it definitely improves with a jewel tone as a background instead of the pastels and sweeter pinks Her Maj often wears it on.

06 May 2019

Church at Windsor

May 5: The Queen attended church at the Royal Chapel of All Saints, Windsor Park.

Seems like all the baby commotion around Windsor brought us a bonus glimpse of The Queen this weekend. No complaints here, although it's a little hard to make out the brooch. I'll turn it over to you for guesses.

Unidentified Brooch

01 May 2019

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.
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The Queen is back in London after her traditional Easter break at Windsor and *squints* it looks like the Diamond and Pearl Navette Brooch is making its 2019 debut.

26 April 2019

Funeral of Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon

Thursday: The Queen attended the funeral of Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon, at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Highclere.

It's not often we see The Queen attend a funeral, but this was a close friend. Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon, was the widow of the 7th Earl of Carnarvon (Lord Porchester or "Porchie"), The Queen's racing manager and friend. Their daughter Carolyn is married to The Queen's current racing manager, John Warren.

21 April 2019

Easter Service

The Queen and members of the Royal Family attended Easter Service in Windsor.
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It's Easter and The Queen's 93rd birthday today! She's celebrating by bringing back her old favorite Flower Basket Brooch. Surprisingly, we haven't seen this one since September 2017, the longest period of absence it's had since this site started counting. It picks up both the pinks and the blues in Her Maj's outfit nicely.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

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The rest of the usual suspects from the family turned up to cover all the bases required of any Windsor family event: someone simply must be in navy (a task handled by Autumn Phillips and her mother-in-law's accessories, with assists from most of the Dudes in Suits)...

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...someone has to go for beige (Zara Tindall's got it taken care of), and one can never leave out the lighter shades of blue (The Duchess of Cambridge's repeated Alexander McQueen checks that off, paired with her brooch and wedding earrings - all featuring acorns like her coat of arms).

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Personally, I loved the floral touch added by Princess Beatrice (perhaps my favorite in Claire Mischevani) and the Wessex ladies, The Countess and Lady Louise. Sometimes those florals really do add the groundbreaking dash of Spring you need.

18 April 2019

Royal Maundy Service

The Queen, accompanied by Princess Eugenie, attended the Royal Maundy Service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
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The Australian Wattle will do very nicely as a recovery from a no brooch weekend, thankyouverymuch Your Maj.

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The Queen zhuzhed up an existing hat with a little more color and she was joined by Princess Eugenie, who wore a repeated Erdem dress.

Royal Family

A pleasing color story for the entire group, wouldn't you say?

13 April 2019

Newbury Races

The Queen attended the Dubai Duty Free Spring Trials Weekend at Newbury Racecourse.
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You might think this outfit would provide a nice open space for some brooch action, but nope; so far, this coat remains a brooch-free zone.

05 April 2019

Jewelry Additions from the Royal Gift List, 2018

The annual lists of official gifts given to members of the Royal Family were finally published today! (I say "finally" because the lists, which cover gifts from the previous year, have been published in January every other year this site has been covering them.) (And you can find all those years linked on our In-Depth Features & Lists page.)

So what goodies did the royals pick up in 2018? The usual stuff, mostly: countless books, framed pictures, food of all sorts. For The Queen, equestrian-themed gifts were all the rage, including five different statuettes. Her list included a few jewelry items of potential interest:
  • Lace pearl drop gold earrings with garnets and amethysts, given by Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore. Regular readers will note that one of the most frequently worn official gifts in recent memory came from Singapore in 2012: the Singapore Peranakan Diamond Jubilee Brooch.
  • Another regimental badge for the collection: a hand-made, hand-assembled pin brooch of Canadian gold and precious stones.
  • A handmade silver filigree butterfly brooch with Macedonian rubies.
  • A silver cuff bracelet with an engraved design showing a killer whale, eagle, and wolf, representing the province of British Columbia.
  • Not all jewelry gifts are meant to be worn: The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, presented a traditional beaded Zulu necklace, already mounted and framed.
  • A specially-designed brooch inspired by the aigrette awarded to Horatio Nelson by Sultan Selim III in honor of the Battle of the Nile in 1798. Nelson's aigrette was a chelengk, a military decoration, and it was stolen from the National Maritime Museum in 1951. (Replica below.) This is an interesting gift because another member of the Royal Family already has an adaptation of this piece in her collection: The Duchess of Cornwall wears a diamond version (shown below).
A replica of Nelson's stolen diamond chelengk, the piece on which The Queen's new brooch was inspired.
Public Domain

Embed from Getty Images
The Duchess of Cornwall wearing her Nelson-inspired brooch, which usually makes its appearances at naval events.

Jewelry gifts to The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge in 2018 were mostly given by individuals, are likely of a smaller nature, and aren't given much description in the lists.

The Duchess of Sussex received a few notable pieces. In addition to the numerous congratulatory gifts she and The Duke picked up for their first baby, including dozens of soft toys, she accepted some jewelry from government officials: a brooch from The President of Ireland, a necklace from The First Lady of Fiji, a necklace from The Governor General of New Zealand, and earrings from The Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The Duchess of Sussex's Fiji necklace, by J. Hunter

The necklace from Fiji is this strand of colorful pearls from J. Hunter Pearls, dubbed the Sussex Strand by the company.

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The Queen often wore gifts of jewels before the end of a visit or tour. In that same vein, The Duchess wore both the necklace received from New Zealand's Governor General, Dame Patsy Reddy, and the earrings she received from the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, during the couple's tour. (She wears both above.) The necklace is a Pounamu Kouma by Mฤori designer Kiri Nathan, carved by Jason Nathan.

The Duchess of Sussex's earrings, by Boh Runga

The earrings are by New Zealand's Boh Runga. They feature a crossed native Miromiro feather design. In Mฤori mythology, according to the label, the Miromiro feather was a magic token of devotion that would bring loved ones back to you. The pieces were a meaningful choice worn after the trip, when The Duke and Duchess visited New Zealand House in London to sign a book of condolence following the terror attack in Christchurch in March. An absolutely perfect use of these sorts of gifts.

The Mirror has published basic 2018 gift lists for The Queen, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex; the Daily Mail has published those as well as lists for The Duke of York, The Princess Royal, and The Earl and Countess of Wessex. (I'm sure Edward's "Man Cave" sign is getting a lot of use at the palace.)

About official gifts: Official gifts are those received during an official engagement or in connection with an official royal role. These gifts are not the private property of the royal recipient. Members of the royal family can use these gifts for their lifetime (and some, depending on the type of gift and its value, can be given to charity or staff or consumed, as in the case of food); on their death, they are passed to the monarch, who will decide if they should become part of the Royal collection or continue to be used by the deceased's successors. The official gift policy was created in 2003 following issues with distribution of gifts; it can be read here

02 April 2019

National Council for Voluntary Organisations Reception

The Queen, Patron, hosted a reception at Windsor Castle in celebration of the centenary of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.
Royal Family

We haven't seen the Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch since 2017. A fun sighting for us and some fun sights for Her Maj's guests at this reception; she welcomed them in the room that holds Princess Eugenie's wedding exhibit.

28 March 2019

Visit to Somerset

The Queen visited Somerset.
Royal Family

Doesn't get much more Spring-like than this outfit, does it? Her Maj got to meet some horses, we got to see the Jardine Star for the first time this year - all in all, a satisfying away day.

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27 March 2019

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

March 26: The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.
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Not a lot of luck on the brooch front these two days (this one could be the Pearl Triangle). We do have some splendidly attired guests, though: Her Excellency Aleksandra Joksimovic, Ambassador from the Republic of Serbia, with her husband Sinisa Krajcinovic here...

March 27: The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.
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...and His Excellency Tarek Adel, Ambassador from the Arab Republic of Egypt, with his wife Mona Said here. 10/10, would like to see this hat at Ascot.

22 March 2019

Investiture at Windsor Castle

The Queen held an Investiture at Windsor Castle.
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How 'bout an 18.8 carat diamond to start your weekend right?

19 March 2019

Bush House Opening

The Queen, Patron, and The Duchess of Cambridge visited King's College London to open Bush House.
Royal Family

Nice to see another face join the rotating cast of family members accompanying The Queen after The Duke of Edinburgh's retirement, isn't it? I'm picturing a Wheel of Fortune type deal, with family photos spinning around to see which one ends up as the day's lucky companion...

Royal Family

Anyway, it's new Catherine Walker for Kate and it looks a lot like some older ones to me, so I can't muster up a bunch to say about that.

Royal Family

I will thank her, though, because it seems her fashion details gave way to some additional reporting on Her Maj's own fashion specifics: a Stewart Parvin old rose cashmere coat and a silk dress with autumnal woodland shades of grey, fuchsia, and olive. Her matching hat is by Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat and she wore her pink sapphire and diamond surround brooch.

18 March 2019

The Christening of Lena Tindall

March 16: The Queen, along with other members of the Royal Family, attended the christening of Lena Tindall, daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall, at St. Nicholas Church in Cherington, Gloucestershire.

Looks like this is the first documented appearance in 2019 for the Pearl Trefoil! You can see more from this event here at Hello's site.

13 March 2019

Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.
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I thought we might have a sighting of the Aquamarine Clips here - it's been a year since we saw them last - but I have to call it instead for the Aqua Art Deco. (Which is actually my fave of the two at the moment, it's just weird the old Aqua Clips have fallen off so far off the radar.)