24 May 2016

The Diamond and Pearl Navette Brooch

The Queen wearing the Diamond and Pearl Navette Brooch
Debuted at a May 2016 Buckingham Palace garden party, this brooch is centered around a large diamond in a diamond setting with circular palmette-like motifs that show an Art Deco design influence. The outside of the brooch is uniquely lined in pearls, and the whole piece has an interesting marquise/oval ("moval") or navette shape (hence the name I have chosen to use here).
The Royal Family
It does not seem that any further details on the brooch's provenance are immediately available. It has a modern look to it, Deco design features and all. Since it debuted right after her 90th birthday, many have guessed it was a birthday present. The Queen may (or may not) have hinted at this herself, wearing it for her private 90th birthday party in its second appearance. We will have to wait and see if more information becomes available.

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