19 January 2012

Women's Institute Badge

Women's Institute Badge
The Queen is President of the Sandringham branch of the Women's Institute, a position she took over from her mother. She pays them an annual visit while at Sandringham for her Christmas holiday, and she wears their badge while doing so.

19 January 2012: Sandringham Women's Institute

Photos: Getty Images/Belga/BBC

Sandringham Women's Institute

The Queen, President, attended a meeting of the Sandringham Women's Institute.
Love it when she uses a badge occasion to make it a double brooch day!

01 January 2012

January Church Services

The Queen can be seen attending church near Sandringham in Norfolk in January.

January 1
Sapphire Chrysanthemum Brooch

January 8

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The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Jubilee Badge

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Jubilee Badge
The Queen was presented with a special Jubilee version of a regimental badge by the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, of which she has been honorary Captain General since her accession in 1952. It includes a maple leaf background of 60 diamonds set in platinum; a gold cannon with the number 60 on top, and a crown with emeralds, rubies, and a sapphire. The regiment's motto, Ubique. Quo fas et gloria ducunt ("Everywhere. Whither right and glory lead") is set in gold around the central elements. The brooch was designed by Birks in Montreal and was given to the Queen in December 2011 in advance of her 2012 Diamond Jubilee. In the video below, you can see the brooch as it is made:

We have yet to see her wear it publicly; she typically wears such badges when she is at an event for the regiment in question.

Photo: Birks

The Pearl and Diamond Button Earrings

Queen Mary's Button Earrings
Despite the fact that she must have a plethora of earrings to pick from, the Queen almost always wears the same pair for her daytime official engagements: a pearl stud with a small diamond on top.
Queen Mary (left) and the current Queen
These came, like so much of the Queen’s jewelry collection, from her grandmother Queen Mary. Photographs show that Mary wore these from fairly early on in her marriage.

The larger pair
Queen Mary’s collection has also provided another pair of pearl and diamond studs, quite similar but on a larger scale. These are worn by the Queen for special occasions only, such as the events of her Diamond Jubilee.
The larger pair worn by both queens
Leslie Field’s The Queen’s Jewels identifies the smaller pair (the ones the Queen wears constantly) as the Devon earrings, given to Queen Mary on her wedding in 1893 from the Ladies of Devonshire. The earrings were made to match a pearl and diamond necklace given by the ‘Ladies of England’ (since broken up). Queen Mary gave them to the current Queen as a wedding present in 1947. Entries from the start of this blog refer to these everyday jewels as the Devon Button Earrings.

However, the Royal Collection’s site includes the Ladies of Devonshire earrings; click here to see them. These seem to be the larger pearl and diamond pair of earrings, having a larger diamond in a different setting than the earrings worn nearly every day, so past identifications could be an error. Of course, the design of these earrings is not particularly unique, and the Queen may well have multiple pairs. For now, I will refer to the smaller pair as Queen Mary’s Pearl Button Earrings.

Appearances (Smaller Pair): Since these are seen at most engagements, I will refrain from linking each post individually. Each event where the earrings are seen is tagged; click here for those posts.

Appearances (Larger Pair):
25 December 2014: Christmas Broadcast, 2014 
17 May 2014: Royal Windsor Horse Show 
10 November 2012: Festival of Remembrance
5 June 2012: Governors-General Reception
5 June 2012: Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service
4 June 2012: Diamond Jubilee Concert
2000: State Visit to Italy, Papal Audience  
1980: State Visit to Vatican City 
Various Years: The Garter Service
Various Years: Remembrance Events  

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The Three Strand Pearl Necklaces

Queen Elizabeth's standard daytime wardrobe includes pearls, of course; usually a triple strand necklace. She has at least three of these, according to Leslie Field in The Queen's Jewels:
  1. A gift from her grandfather, King George V, to commemorate his Silver Jubilee in 1935.
  2. One made from graduated family pearls which the Queen had created with a diamond clasp soon after she acceded the throne in 1952.
  3. A gift for her coronation in 1953 from the Emir of Qatar, also with a diamond clasp.
And there are more as well. The differences between pearl necklaces are hard to track, especially when you can't see the clasp (and you normally can't when the Queen wears them), and so I do not typically attempt to identify different versions here.

Since these are seen essentially every day, I will refrain from linking each post individually here. Each event where one of the three strand pearl necklaces is spotted are tagged; click here for those posts.