09 May 2012

Diamond Pendant Earrings

Diamond Pendant Earrings
This pair of diamond pendant earrings includes a pendant of separate stones hanging within a diamond frame. These first appeared at the 2012 State Opening of Parliament, but have no publicly known provenance as of yet.

In 2016, these earrings were loaned to The Duchess of Cambridge, who wore them for the first time for the Place2Be Awards in November.

7 November 2017: Anna Freud Centre Gala Dinner (on The Duchess of Cambridge)
17 June 2017: Trooping the Colour (on The Duchess of Cambridge) 
8 December 2016: Diplomatic Reception (on The Duchess of Cambridge)
22 November 2016: Place2Be Awards (on The Duchess of Cambridge)
17 June 2013: Garter Day
9 May 2012: State Opening of Parliament