01 January 2012

The Three Strand Pearl Necklaces

Queen Elizabeth's standard daytime wardrobe includes pearls, of course; usually a triple strand necklace. She has at least three of these, according to Leslie Field in The Queen's Jewels:
  1. A gift from her grandfather, King George V, to commemorate his Silver Jubilee in 1935.
  2. One made from graduated family pearls which the Queen had created with a diamond clasp soon after she acceded the throne in 1952.
  3. A gift for her coronation in 1953 from the Emir of Qatar, also with a diamond clasp.
And there are more as well. The differences between pearl necklaces are hard to track, especially when you can't see the clasp (and you normally can't when the Queen wears them), and so I do not typically attempt to identify different versions here.

Since these are seen essentially every day, I will refrain from linking each post individually here. Each event where one of the three strand pearl necklaces is spotted are tagged; click here for those posts.