19 June 2018

Royal Ascot, Day 1

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.
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This yellow Angela Kelly outfit with blue accents isn't the only yellow with blue outfit in The Queen's wardrobe and it has been suggested here in the past - such as Ascot Day 1 in 2016, in fact - that she try out a sapphire brooch on the yellow background. Her Maj has heard you, and she's game. I like this version of giving us something interesting at Ascot; Queen Mary's Rusisan Brooch isn't anything especially rare (we saw it twice last year), but a shake up of the obvious color pairings is another way to surprise.

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She shared a carriage with a rather chic-looking Princess Anne (shown here in a textbook example of a "like mother, like daughter" photo), who sported a large brooch of her own. This gold and diamond number has been in her jewel vault for decades and is often attributed to Andrew Grima.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Coming up tomorrow at the other blog: The rest of it!

18 June 2018

Garter Day

The Queen gave a Luncheon Party for the Companions for the Most Noble Order of the Garter. A Service was held in St. George's Chapel this afternoon.
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The Garter Service begins with the Garter Knights and Ladies walking down to St. George's Chapel, a procession full of pomp and ceremony. The Queen did not walk this year, however, choosing instead to ride in her car. I suspect this is a permanent change, bringing an end to her walking the distance in a mantle so long it needs two pages to bring up the rear. (I can't blame her, of course; I'm just glad she's still wearing the robes.) Her last time walking in the procession was actually 2015, since 2016's was switched to cars because of rain and 2017's service was cancelled.

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Jewel-wise, the event remains a showcase for The Queen's earrings. It's been white stones for a few years now, and that continues in 2018 with Queen Mary's Floret Earrings. We haven't seen these in use since 2014, so that's a nice return.

We'll be chatting about the rest of the crowd at the other blog tomorrow, so stay tuned.

17 June 2018

Cartier Queen's Cup Polo

The Queen attended the Cartier Queen's Cup Final at Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park.
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No brooch, oh no. How ironic, leaving off one's signature jewel when attending an event sponsored by none other than Cartier. I hope Her Maj is getting ready to ramp up the jewelry for the big week to come...

14 June 2018

Visit to Cheshire

The Queen, accompanied by The Duchess of Sussex, visited Cheshire for a day of engagements.
Kensington Palace

A jolly away day for these two, as you knew it would be. The Queen was neon in her repeated Stewart Parvin coat and dress with a Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat; The Duchess of Sussex was elegantly blergh in Givenchy, a return to her British wedding gown designer, Clare Waight Keller.

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I would be absolutely head over heels about Meghan's ensemble if it was in a more interesting color, but as I said, it is still elegant. The real feature here are her earrings. Buckingham Palace took the unusual step of confirming that they are a gift from The Queen - a gift, not a loan. They are pearl and diamond, a baby version of the button earrings worn by Her Maj on a daily basis.

Many are suspecting that these were pulled from The Queen's personal collection, but I'm not so sure; she tends to loan those pieces, so the mention of these being a gift has me wondering if they weren't purchased for Meghan. This design is so basic and so common, it will be hard to be certain unless the palace decides to confirm again.

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Anyway, the design works well on Meghan. (There's a reason one pearl and one diamond in an earring is such a popular combo, there's a version for everyone!) As for Her Maj herself, she sported Queen Victoria's Bow Brooch, which we haven't seen much of this year, and it looks great on this coat.

Royal Family

09 June 2018

Trooping the Colour

Her Majesty, accompanied by members of the Royal Family, was present at The Queen's Birthday Parade on Horse Guards Parade at which The Queen's Colour of The 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards was trooped.
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Another year, another official birthday, and another appearance for the Brigade of Guards Badge. The Queen's traditional choice in the years since she stopped riding in the parade, this badge combines the symbols of five Household Regiments, tying Her Majesty to the different troops that perform Trooping the Colour each year.

This year's Stewart Parvin outfit and Angela Kelly hat makes two light blue years in a row for Her Maj. Still giving us time to recover from 2016's neon surprise, I've decided. As for the rest of the family, check out the post at the other blog!


08 June 2018

Westminster Abbey Diamond Jubilee Gallery Opening

The Queen, accompanied by The Prince of Wales, opened The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey

The Grima Ruby is certainly a statement brooch - and I had to laugh, coming after a no brooch day, that she made sure there was no way we'd miss this one. Especially on a magenta background. (She wore it on a similar color in December.)

Westminster Abbey

Charles was her escort for the day, and the galleries they opened - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries - sound absolutely fascinating. They're set in the medieval triforium way above the floor at Westminster Abbey, showcasing 300 pieces from the Abbey's collection. Their Facebook page has a little teaser video; the space opens to the public on June 11.

07 June 2018

Audience at Buckingham Palace

The Queen held an audience at Buckingham Palace.
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These floral dresses are notorious for concealing brooches, but this might be the rarest case of all: I see no brooch here at all. Instead, I guess, we'll have to make do with a new angle and loads of pictures for those of you that love the identification game.