25 January 2015

Church at Sandringham

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended church at Sandringham.
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The return of the Small Pink brooch, and one of my least favorite outfits for Her Maj. I'll focus on the brooch.

22 January 2015

Sandringham Women's Institute Meeting

The Queen made her annual visit to a meeting of the Sandringham Women's Institute, of which she is Honorary President.
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After two appearances without a brooch (and only one with) so far this year, I've never been more glad to see the twin Clips do their thing. It's hard to see the earrings and necklace, but it looks like just plain pearl studs and pearls, perhaps her triple strand.

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

20 January 2015

Church at Sandringham

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended church at Sandringham.
The Queen repeated one of her more stylish winter outfits for church this week, a fur-trimmed ensemble worn to Christmas Day service back in 2010 (seen below). But while she accessorized her scarf in a rather jaunty fashion with the Frosted Sunflower Brooch previously, this time around, there was no brooch to be seen.

Also, P.S.: I just updated the previous post on the lists of 2014 gifts with a more precise list of Her Maj's jewel gifts.

No Brooch Visible

Photos: @Hellomag, WPA Pool via Getty

14 January 2015

Jewelry Additions from the Royal Gift List, 2014

Around this time each year, the royal households release lists of official gifts given to members of the royal family in the previous year. This year seems a bit lacking on mention of significant jewelry gifts for The Queen, sadly enough for this blog. Just a few jewels are present, and as always we have nothing further than these descriptions to know if we're talking about anything Her Majesty would actually wear:
  • A silver filigree brooch presented by the President of Bulgaria, who visited for an audience
  • A brooch in the form of the Armed Forces Day Flag from a member of the public
  • A round silver brooch of Celtic design from the Royal British Legion, presented during the visit to Northern Ireland
The usual array of oddities and selected treasures is present in the 102 gifts she received this year as well, including a miniature Iron Throne from her visit to the Game of Thrones set, a set of Sèvres porcelain from President Hollande of France, and quite a few horse-themed presents.
The Queen with her mini Iron Throne

The big winners in the year's gift stakes were the Cambridges. The Duke and Duchess and Prince George returned from just their Australia/New Zealand tour with well over a thousand gifts in tow, and George was given more than anyone else. The Duchess seems to have picked up the most when it comes to jewelry as well. Among her treasures are a pair of pearl earrings from the Mayor of Christchurch, a white metal necklace and brooch from the CEO of the Cricket World Cup, a silver pendant from the CEO of the New South Wales Waratahs, a silver and opal brooch from the Governor General of Australia, a silver necklace and pair of earrings from the Governor of South Australia, another opal brooch from an individual, and many, many more pieces. These are only vaguely described (if they are described at all) in the lists.

The Duchess of Cornwall's gifts included a pair of emerald and gold earrings from the First Lady of Colombia, a pair of gold plated earrings from an individual during the Colombia/Mexico trip, an agate necklace and earrings from an individual during their Canada trip, a pair of white metal rings for the couple from the Chief Executive of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, and more. The Duchess did not accompany her husband on his brief trip to the Gulf states in 2014, a trip which surely would have loaded her up on the jewel side.
The Duchess of Cornwall's emerald earrings from the First Lady of Colombia

Links for more on the 2014 gifts:

11 January 2015

Church at Sandringham

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended church at Sandringham.
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And finally, we have the first brooch sighting of 2015! There's no mistaking that paisley shape.

Pearl Necklace also likely, not completely visible

Photo: @PAPictureDesk

04 January 2015

Church at Sandringham

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended church at Sandringham.
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Wellll...not a great start to the year when the standard Sunday church visit makes the front page for these kind of headlines.

No Brooch Visible

31 December 2014

2014: The Year in The Queen's Jewels

It is once again time to review another year in The Queen's jewels: what was new, what was unusual, and what topped the favorites list. This is the third year-end wrap up in the life of this blog, so if you'd like to see how this year compares, see here for 2012 and here for 2013. Obviously, all pertinent disclaimers apply to all this information (I can only account for what is publicly worn and what is publicly known, and mistakes on my part and disagreements happen all the time, etc). With that said, let's get to it:

The New and "New" Brooches
I'm starting here instead of with the year's brooch counts, because this has been without a doubt the year of the unusual brooch. Several items appeared that were either confirmed to be new to the collection and/or were spotted for the first time this year:
Additionally, we saw what may have been the first public appearances of several brooches previously known to us:
A couple brooches known to be in The Queen Mother's collection were worn for the first time this year by The Queen:
Furthermore (what did I say about the year of unusual brooches?!), several rare brooches got a little spotlight this year:

The Most Popular Brooches
This was the year of unusual brooches, but you sure wouldn't know it just by tallying up the brooches we saw most frequently. This year's favorites are much like the favorites we've seen in years past. I was actually surprised the counts turned out so, well, ordinary, but with close to 70 brooches worn in the year and most appearing only once or twice, I shouldn't have been.
  1. Frosted Sunflower Brooch
  2. Pearl Trefoil Brooch
  3. Flower Basket Brooch
  4. Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch
  5. Aquamarine Clip Brooches tied with Flame Lily Brooch tied with Queen Victoria's Bow Brooch 
The Frosted Sunflower tops the list for three years running (and countless times prior to this blog's start), and the only brooch here that has not made an appearance on either or both of our two previous year counts is the Flame Lily.

The Tiara Appearances 
We saw Her Majesty with tiara (and/or crown) in place in for five events this year:
And once again, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara topped the favorites list, being used for all except the State Opening (where other gear is traditionally worn) and the Ireland banquet. It must also be noted that The Queen would have donned a tiara for at least one other event, December's annual Diplomatic Reception, but as usual we did not get to see inside the palace for that occasion.

My Favorite Tiara Event of the Year 
Video: The Queen's speech at the Irish State Banquet
This was a no-brainer for me. Not only was it the only time we saw something apart from the favorite Girls (which is my favorite tiara, don't get me wrong, but I am a fan of variety more than anything else), it had been quite a few years since The Queen wore the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara with emeralds in place and other pieces of the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure on display. It was an historic visit and Her Majesty treated it as such, to our great delight.

My Favorite Brooch Event of the Year 
As The Queen noted in her Christmas speech, this was a year of remembrance, and her appearance at the events marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day in France was a highlight. Despite all the new brooches in the air, her outing of Queen Victoria's Fringe Brooch (still not a normal selection for her, she'd worn it only once before) was my favorite for the year. Wearing such a massive piece for a daytime appearance conveyed how important the anniversary was, and it didn't go unnoticed that she selected a brooch which had been a favorite of her mother's for a World War II commemoration event. The entire state visit to France, centered around this anniversary, was basically one highlight after another.

And one last bonus category...

Biggest Loans of the Year
The Duchess of Cambridge wore two big pieces from The Queen's collection this year: the New Zealand Fern Brooch and the Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace. It feels as though the past few years have brought an increase in loans to others in the family, and these were the two most noticeable examples for the year. More of that, pretty please!

This round up is already too wordy, but I could go on and on. It's been a tremendously fun year to watch what emerges from the royal vault, and I can only hope there are more surprises to come in 2015. It's already guaranteed to be an historic year, as QEII will officially pass Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning British monarch in history in September. Her Majesty will also welcome another great-grandchild when the second Cambridge baby arrives around April, and the first tiara event of the year is already on the books for a state visit from Mexico in March. The New Year Honours list has just been published, promising lots of interesting investitures, and I'm already hoping The Queen personally handles making Joan Collins into a Dame.

A heartfelt thank you from me to all of you who have joined in the fun this year, and I hope you'll stick around for the next!

Do tell: What were your favorite jewel moments for The Queen in 2014?

Photos: Via Getty Images as indicated; PA, British Monarchy and Parliament video