14 September 2014

The Tutti Frutti Bouquet Brooch

Stopping to speak with well-wishers after church at Crathie Kirk during her Balmoral Scottish holiday, The Queen made mention of the upcoming vote on Scottish independence, saying that she hoped people would think "very carefully" about the matter. It was an unusual move, and has garnered quite a bit of press attention (as was undoubtedly the point). She happened to wear an unusual brooch while she was at it.

Her Majesty appears to have worn a little-known brooch from the pages of Angela Kelly's book, Dressing the Queen. The brooch is done in the Tutti Frutti style popularized by Cartier, a combination of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. (For more on Tutti Frutti and another example of the style, click here.) It has two sapphire flowers and three ruby flowers, each with colored stone petals and a diamond center, in a bouquet surrounded by carved emerald leaves. The arrangement includes additional diamonds between the leaves and diamond stems.

The piece is illustrated in the Kelly book, but no history or further detail is provided. Though The Queen has several Cartier brooches, whether this one is from that famous Tutti Frutti manufacturer or merely in that same style and from another jeweler is unknown.

14 September: Church at Balmoral (including more links to see the brooch in action)

06 September 2014

The Braemar Gathering

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Rothesay, attended the annual Braemar Gathering in Scotland.
For more: Article from the Herald Scotland, gallery from Zimbio.
It's been an unusually quiet Balmoral break (for HM, and unexpectedly around the blog too - c'est la vie! We'll probably stay on semi-hiatus until public engagements pick back up). I've been cataloging what I catch on our Balmoral holiday post, but we haven't had as many glimpses as we had in the past couple years.
But we can always depend on Her Maj to be in a jolly mood for the Braemar Highland Games, at least! No mystery to the jewel choice here - the feather brooch was a gift from the society for her Golden Jubilee, and she's made it her permanent choice ever since.

Photo:Chris Jackson via Getty Images

10 August 2014

Balmoral Holiday, 2014

The Queen has officially started her annual holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. I will collect links to her appearances during the break here, and you'll find the link to this post on the side bar under Recently Updated Events until public events start up again. During the break, I have updates to take care of and (time permitting) we have some backlogged jewels to cover, so stay tuned!

05 August 2014

Audience at Balmoral

The Queen invested Peter Cosgrove, Governor-General of Australia, as a Knight of the Order of Australia at Balmoral.
And now the Queen is fully on holiday mode, Balmoral tartan skirt and all. Still can't forget the pearls, though.

Photo:WPA Pool via Getty Images

04 August 2014

World War I Commemoration and Turriff Show Visit

The Queen attended a service of commemoration to mark the centenary of the First World War at Crathie Kirk in Aberdeenshire. Also today, she attended the Turriff Show, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the agricultural event.
For more: Daily Mail photos, Press and Journal article (on the agricultural show), ITNSource video (also from the show).
Her official arrival at Balmoral Castle is yet to come, but HM has already started her annual Scotland holiday. She still joined her family members in marking today's significant anniversary at multiple locations, visiting the church she normally attends while at Balmoral (and a rare glimpse it is for us, to see inside while she's there).
For the day's other public event (above), she had an outfit switch but stuck with one of Queen Victoria's Bows, which was showing off its largest stones quite nicely.

Photos: WPA Pool via Getty and ITNSource video

24 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Visit

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited several venues at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
For more: Zimbio gallery.
Done with the neutrals, for today's meanderings HM coordinated well for photobombing the Australian team and went Scottish with her brooch, the Three Thistle Brooch. The brooch was swapped to the dress underneath during the day.

Three Thistle Brooch (Now with updated provenance information!)

Photo: WPA Pool via Getty

23 July 2014

Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

The Queen opened the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
For more: Video of the opening, gallery from Zimbio, article from the Daily Mail.
This reminds me of the Queen's peach outfit from the Olympics opening ceremony - a color carefully chosen so as not to appear to be cheering for any particular country. (And on that same note, I'd wager the brooch's provenance, which is unknown to us, is probably not tied strongly to any Commonwealth entity either.)

Photo: Commonwealth Games video