21 June 2021

Royal Ascot 2021

June 19: The Queen attended Day 5 of Royal Ascot.
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The Queen back at Ascot might feel more like a sign of things going back to normal than the rest of the recent engagements have - but with Covid restrictions still in place, she kept her attendance to one day only. She used the occasion to bring back the Palm Leaf Brooch, always a popular choice but with the reduced appearances over the past year and half, one we haven't seen since 2019.

16 June 2021

American and Australian Visits at Windsor Castle

June 13: The Queen received The President and First Lady of the United States at Windsor Castle.
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Summery floral dresses aren't the best of canvases for brooches, but the Jardine Star is trying its best.

June 15: The Queen received the Australian Prime Minister at Windsor Castle.
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The best known of the brooches with Australian connections makes an appearance here, but even the Wattle has trouble on those prints.

12 June 2021

Trooping the Colour, G7 Summit, and Other Recent Events

June 12: A pared down version of Trooping the Colour was held to celebrate The Queen's Official Birthday at Windsor Castle.
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Larger than last year's but still not at the level of the London version of Trooping the Colour, The Queen repeated a recent favorite outfit and took the unusual step of not wearing a regimental badge for her birthday parade this year. (Last year, she opted for the Welsh Guards Badge; for Trooping the Colour, she usually favors the Guards Badge.)

June 11: The Queen and other members of the Royal Family attended events for the G7 Summit with world leaders. The Queen also attended an event for The Big Lunch.
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Bit of a surprise selection here, just the fifth time we've seen the Botswana Flower Brooch worn - a much more sizeable brooch in use than it seems in pictures alone.

June 9: The Queen received a Duke of Edinburgh Rose at Windsor Castle, ahead of what would have been Prince Philip's 100th birthday.
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A casual queen for a more personal engagement.

June 8: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.
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Another lovely surprise here; this is only the third time we've seen this butterfly brooch since the site has been operating. 

Finally, I have received some emails and comments so let me add a note on the blog's content at the moment: Not all recent engagements have been covered here. Covering everything and doing so on the day it happens isn't feasible right now. I appreciate your understanding.

26 May 2021

HMS Queen Elizabeth Visit, Virtual Audiences, and a New Loan

May 22: The Queen visited HMS Queen Elizabeth at HM Naval Base in Portsmouth ahead of the ship's maiden deployment.

Royal Navy/Ministry of Defence 2021
The Queen donned a cashmere coat and wool crepe dress by Stewart Parvin with a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat for one of her rare (for these days) engagements outside the palace. The brooch was a gift from The Duke of Edinburgh, long referred to here (and elsewhere) as the Grima Ruby Brooch and referred to by the palace as a Scarab Brooch.


May 25: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.

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Another sorta look at a brooch, this one very triangular up top, which leads me to guess Queen Mary's Russian Brooch.

May 26: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a drive-in cinema event for NHS staff at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Duchess of Cambridge's earrings are on loan from The Queen.

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And finally, a new loan for The Duchess of Cambridge! These earrings are part of the Dubai Looped Sapphire Demi-Parure, a gift to The Queen from Sheikh Rashid of Dubai in 1979. I can't say I've ever loved these revamped earrings, but the color does look stunning here.

19 May 2021

Virtual Audiences

May 14 and 19: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.
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Guessing game season continues, with possibly a Cambridge Pearl Pendant and possibly a Six Petal Diamond Flower, or something along those lines.

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Otherwise, a photo of The Queen and The Prince of Wales was released to kick off The Queen's Green Canopy, an initiative to plant trees for Her Maj's Platinum (!) Jubilee in 2022. It was taken in March, at the same time the photos released around Easter were taken.

12 May 2021

State Opening of Parliament, and Virtual Audiences

May 11: The Queen, accompanied by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, traveled to the Palace of Westminster to open the Session of Parliament.
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Another "dressed down" State Opening called for an outfit we saw at Ascot in 2019 (the dress was worn for Prince Philip's 99th birthday picture last year) and a reappearance of the Aquamarine Clip Brooches. It feels like forever since we've seen them but in reality, just a year.
BBC screencap
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The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were also in attendance, The Duchess wearing The Queen Mother's Rock Crystal Brooch
May 10 and 12: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.
Royal Family screencap
In other recent news, its a mix of casual and pure brooch guessing for two virtual engagements.
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05 May 2021

Virtual Audiences

April 27: The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace via video link from Windsor Castle. 

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The Queen has resumed public duties with a group of virtual audiences. Her first public engagement after Prince Philip's funeral was this one, with the large Nizam of Hyderabad brooch.

April 29 and May 5: The Queen held more audiences at Buckingham Palace via video link from Windsor Castle.
And for the most recent two, it seems we get to resume the traditional audience brooch guessing.

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